For Whom

Praktijk Gezin & Zo offers help to children, young people and their parents. I am there for you, your child and young people aged 0 to 23 years. You can contact me with your questions about development and upbringing.

Does your child have:
• anxiety, compulsive behaviour and/or obsessions
• fear of failure, loss of self-confidence
• Violent emotional reactions or quick arguments
• Suffers from bullying or often bullies himself
• suffers from gloominess
• learning difficulties
• difficulty concentrating
• difficulty understanding and sharing feelings
• difficulty listening
• difficulty with planning and organizing
• difficulty connecting with other children
• uncontrolled or busy behaviour
• sleep- or eating problems

Or do you see that your child is not happy and has difficulty participating in daily life for no apparent reason? Please contact me.

Exclusion criteria